Thursday, 1 November 2012

47 Park Street London - Grande Residences by Marriott Resales

47 Park Street - Grand Residences by Marriott, is an innovative concept in Private Residence club membership. Through shared ownership, you can enjoy a fully serviced London apartment without the need to tie up a large amount of capital in a London Residence. Marriott’s 47 Park Street offers you an opportunity to stay in a luxurious Mayfair residence, at your convenience, at just a fraction of the cost of whole ownership.

As a Member at 47 Park Street, you will enjoy the flexibility of using the apartment, make nights available to family or friends, participate in Marriott's rental program or exchange time for stays in Marriott's worldwide network of luxury hotels. 47 Park Street Membership gives you the right to use your residence for your selected number of nights each year until 2050. It is available in multiples of 21 or 28 nights and allows you to stay for a night, two nights, a week or longer on each visit. 

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